dinsdag 29 januari 2008

TMTA: Geometry

Deze ATC is mijn bijdrage voor de TMTA uitdaging met thema 'Geometrie'.
This ATC is my entry for the TMTA challenge with theme 'Geometry'.

26 opmerkingen:

Heather Robinson zei

What a brilliant idea to cut up your piece into geometric shapes!

gaby zei

Love the idea of the geometric shapes!

Linda zei

I love the texture you get with the cup up shapes...wonderful!

Barbara Hagerty zei

Very inspired! What a terrific idea! This is wonderful!

Stempelchaotin zei

Wow fabulous idea and great ATC.

Paula zei

This is really clever. Great idea for this theme.

KardKrazy zei

How creative....very unique!

Rein zei

Ziet er weer prachtig uit!

Femmy zei


Anke zei

Fabulous ATC

Andrea, zei

Brilliant ATC, love how you have used the image

Donna zei

Oo very clever idea, great atc!

Elizabeth zei

Prachtige ATC!!

Planete Mixed Media zei

what a beautiful ATC. Great idea !

Annes Art zei

Prachtig weer Willy!!

stamp and scrape zei

This layout reminds me of a box of children's blocks/bricks. Wonderful work.
So pleased I can comment on your work now.

Silvia zei

Fantastic idea, looks really fab.

Heike zei

wonderful idea!!!

Clau zei

Great idea! I never would have though of this.

Angelina zei

Gaaf Willy!!

Audrey zei

Prachtig Willy!

Hermine zei

Heel apart Willy.

Anita zei

Tjeeeeeee, wat een mooie atc!!!!
Prachtig uitgevoerd die verschillende vormen!!

Moni zei

oh it's a wonderful ATC.. I like it

rammsteinchen zei

WOW awesome what a great work

IsaNorris zei

fantastic ATC !! love it !