maandag 11 mei 2009

Taking Flight (11) & Mixed Media Monday

De tweede pagina voor het hoofdstuk over 'Creating Community'. De achtergrond is gemaakt met gesso en glimmermist. Gestempeld met stazon jet black. Deze pagina is mijn bijdrage voor de Mixed Media Monday uitdaging met thema 'Helping hands'.
The second page for the chapter about 'Creating Community'. Made background with gesso and glimmermist. This page is my entry for the Mixed Media Monday challenge with theme 'Helping hands'.
Stamps: Beeswax (hands).
Quote: Christian Morgenstern.

22 opmerkingen:

Ozstuff zei

Willy, your piece on the "helping hands" theme is beautiful and the quote is SO TRUE, at least to me and my life. Wonderful work.

Kelly zei

great collage! love the hands!

Diana Evans zei

oh how perfect!!!I love it...and thank you for popping by and saying hello...Cole will be so thrilled....

mixedmediamonday zei

Lovely, Willy! Diane

Sandy zei

Lokks great. Wonderful work.

Anni's Art zei

Wonderful and your word is so true.

Anneke zei

prachtig willy en mooi met deze kleuren

vintage wil zei

Wat een schitterende pagina!prachtige achtergrond!! zei

Geweldige creatie geworden Willy.

sija zei

Nog zo beauty Willy, top!

chelemom zei

This is fabulous! LOve the quote!!!

Janny zei

Geweldig Willy en wat een prachtig quote!

Kris Dickinson zei

How true! Great piece Willy.

Cynthia zei

This is beautiful and I love the quote!

Lori Saul zei

Beautiful words and images. Great collage!

Nancy Maxwell James zei

fabulous images and colors! very striking!

Buffy zei

Love the hands and the quote and the color,okay everything! Beautiful.

Nan zei

Love your concept.....touching!

Dorthe zei

Thanks so very much for your comment on my post,

your piece is very special, and the text oh so true.


Rosie zei

Very apt Willy... and that blue is simply wonderful. I love your taking flight pages! =)

paru's_circle zei

these '' taking flight'' pages are awesome!!!! do you use BOTH sides of the paper?? and if not.. what do you do on the other side??

Willy zei

I use just one site of the paper and glue two pages together.