woensdag 9 december 2009

The Three Muses: Bottles & Jars

'Moet ik vandaag alweer koken?'
Voor The Three Muses uitdaging met thema 'Flessen en Potten' heb ik deze kaart gemaakt.
'Should I cook again today?'
Made this card for The Three Muses challenge with theme 'Bottles & Jars'.

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indybev zei

Well done, Willy....except I want to see the recipe!! I think it will be interesting to see the bottles and jars that show up this week for our challenge. Thanks for starting us off with such a creative entry!

Kelly zei

great collage!

terri d. zei

love your entry willy. i'm left wondering what she's cooking? something for the holidays i'm sure!!

peggy gatto zei

Way too clever!!!!
Great mix of elements!

Diana Evans zei

oh wow Willy!!! this is amazing!!! wonderful work!!!

Lucy zei

I love it! Don't know how you did it but it is great!

Judy zei

Love your entry, Willy, taboulleh salad - a favourite of mine!

Rein zei

Heel leuk!

Astrid Maclean zei

Great card Willy and beautifully put together, such a good idea. She doesn't look the Tabouleh type, but that adds another good touch somehow...

Gayle Page-Robak zei

Terrific scene...great card.

WrightStuff zei

If she is going to cook, let's hope she gets dressed first! Great entry!

johanna zei

wonderful, willy! i hope she has everything her recipe needs;)

AliMayes zei

I love Tabouleh and I love your artwork too Willy!!

José zei

Prachtig! En ja, je moet vandaag alweer koken... voor ons allemaal :)

Sandy zei

Wow Willy this is beautiful.
Gorgeous creation.

marit zei

Geweldige kaart! Laat ook precies zien hoe ik me (bijna) elke dag voel zo tegen een uur of 5... hihihi! Prachtig!

vintage wil zei

Schattig kaartje Willy!!

Taluula zei

Gorgeous Willy, and I love the way your lady is so 'relaxed' about her cooking.

Hannastiina zei

this is clever, I found myself in it.

Godelieve zei

Schitterend Willy! Zo leuk uitgewerkt!

LiveArt zei

Very clever and a lovely piece!!!


Nancy Maxwell James zei

this is a fantastic collage! love it!

Yvonne zei

Superb collage, Willy!

Martina2801 zei

Fantastic collage, Willy! I love it.

Elizabeth Golden zei

I wish I looked that relaxed when I cook. Wonderful collage!

Svenja zei

Great card! And after having eaten tabouleh for weeks on end this summer I can perfectly understand that the lady is scoring here books for something else :-)

Effie zei

Is she cooking something interesting?............Great image, love it!

Heather Robinson zei

This is such an interesting piece with a real dash of humour to it! Now personally I never cook dressed like that but hey, each to her own. She doesn't have bits of food on her dress like I usually do too. Fantastic interpretation of the theme.

Eila A zei

Lovely card, Willy! I love those jars with all kinds of yammy things in them. Wonderful piece!

Hella zei


Silvia zei

How fantastic, just a wonderful interpretation.

Jo Capper-Sandon zei

Superb stamping. Very clever for the theme.

druga szesnaście zei

don't cook, make art instead! :)
cute work!

peppapig zei


Ozstuff zei

Willy, your take on this week's theme is beautiful and creative - perfect in fact. Your picture reminds me of me, perfectly relaxed, dressed in skimpy clothes, sipping on a cold drink while I study my recipe books. (Can you guess that this may not be true? More like banging pots and pans around and being very bad-tempered).

Lynifyni zei

Awesome work, Willy! Love the whole composition. LynnF

http://truutske.blogspot.com/ zei

Wat 'n leuk idee en wat éen prachtige collage, Willy.

Christine zei

Héél leuk bedacht, het is een prachtig kaartje geworden Willy.