woensdag 13 januari 2010

The Three Muses: Water

Deze regenachtige ATC's, gemaakt voor een swap met Hermine, zijn mijn bijdrage voor The Three Muses uitdaging met thema 'Water'.
These rainy ATCs, made for a swap with Hermine, are my entry for The Three Muses challenge with theme 'Water'.

33 opmerkingen:

Lori Saul zei

These are amazingly expressive ATC's Willy- wow unique stamp designs and lovely vintage colors!

Ozstuff zei

Willy, both ATC's are wonderful, so beautifully crafted and, for me uplifting, because it is so hot here in my part of Australia and we don't see rain for many months. I would give ANYTHING for some clouds in the sky and maybe a shower or two!!

indybev zei

What great ATCs, Willy. I love the woman on the right who seems to be joyously absorbing the raindrops! Thanks for joining us this week.

Lynifyni zei

I love your ATCs, Willy! So beautiful! LynnF

Faye zei

Two wonderful ATCs, Willy. Beautiful work.

Sandy zei

Wow both are stunning.
Your stamping is perfect. Love them.

Gayle Page-Robak zei

Very beautiful, Willy!

Hermine zei

In echt nog veel mooie!

johanna zei

each of these atcs is great - and i love how the colors of each other correspond!

Femmy zei

prachtige atc's Willy!!!

Cath Wilson zei

Here I am, wondering how to do water and there's another fab idea!! I must learn to think outside the box. Great art, Willy :)

Taluula zei

Willy both your ATCs are wonderful. I love the raindrops on your lady and those two men with their umbrellas just crack me up.

Silvia zei

Both of your ATCs are wonderful.

Diane zei

I love these, Willy, and the two men with the closed umbrellas in the pouring rain :)

Eila A zei

Lovely cards, Willy! You really have captured something about the essence of rain in your pieces.

Yvonne zei

Love both of these ATCs, Willy!

Alberta zei

Fabulous art, Willy! I love your backgrounds here.

Willkommen auf meiner Kreativseite. zei

Zwei wunderschöne ATCs sind das. Großartige Motive zum Thema.

Rhonda zei

These are both just terrific, Willy! Love the yoga in the rain - now that's focus! Thanks for sharing these pieces - cheers!

Martina2801 zei

Brilliant ATC`s Willy! I love your take on the theme.

http://truutske.blogspot.com/ zei

Beide zijn prachtig maar de stempel/kaart met de 2 heren met paraplu is helemaal geweldig.

José zei

Ik vind ze prachtig! Op deze manier is regen helemaal niet erg. :)

Effie zei

What a fab pair of ATCs!

vintage wil zei

Weer prachtige kaartjes Willy!!

LiveArt zei

Wow Willy, your ATC's are totally amazing!! love them both!! Wonderful design and colour!!


Judy zei

Two special ATCs here, Willy, I love the two men ATC!

Ellen zei

prachtig , regen? wat regen ignore it.
leuk om de kleur van de dame's atc weer terug te zien in de paraplu's

Jackie zei

Great ATCs. Particularly love the men in bowlers, it's so typically English!!

Neet zei

Lovely ATC's - I am longing for some rain - your ATC's remind me of it - just want rain to wash away this snow.

Debby zei

Hi Willie,
I love both act's the colors are fab. This is my first time playing this challenge and of course I am way behind. The art is fab.

Janny zei

Prachtig Willy!

Barbara Hagerty zei

I love them both, Willy!

AliMayes zei

Two marvellous ATCs Willy - fabulous stamping and colouring!