donderdag 6 maart 2008

postage people voor Hermine

Voor onze postage people swap heb ik deze ATC's voor Hermine gemaakt.
Made these ATC's for Hermine for our postage people swap.

12 opmerkingen:

Viola zei

Wonderful ATCs, Willy!!

Dymphie zei

Willy, deze zijn helemaal te gek!

liannallama zei

oh, these are so funny--I love them!

Sue McGettigan zei

Your postage people are so much fun!

Anneke zei

prachtige atc,s

Femmy zei

ze zijn schitterend Willie!

Paula J Atkinson zei

I love these & I have seen the ones Hermine made you this morning over on hher blog.

Plufke zei

Heel mooi! Vind ze fantastisch. Benieuwd hoe jullie ze maken.

bockel24 zei

Love the left one - what a great idea!

paru's_circle zei

willie i just saw these on dymphies blog. gotta love those two men with their fancy flag colours pants!!!

Unknown zei

Just seen these on Hermine's blog. Two great atc's especially the one with the two figures....inspired idea!

jjcreations zei

I love the Beethoven card....that's because I teach music to elementary kids. Joan