zaterdag 26 september 2009

Saturday's Workout: Grunge with Alcohol Inks

Deze boekenlegger heb ik gemaakt voor de Saturday's Workout uitdaging met thema 'Grunge with Alcohol Inks'. Alle stempels zijn van Art Journey.
Made this bookmark for the Saturday's Workout challenge with theme 'Grunge with Alcohol Inks'. All stamps are from Art Journey.

13 opmerkingen:

Lori Saul zei

Lovely grunge flowers for this wonderful bookmark Willy! Great entry!

Rika zei

Prachtige bladwijzer Willy!

Tine zei

fantasic, what a great idea.

Martina zei

Stunning bookmark, Willy!
It looks fantastic.

Sandy zei

OMG this is incredible.
Stunning work and stamping. Love them.

Thanks Willy for your wonderful work to SaWo.

Anoniem zei

GREAT bookmark!!!
greetings katrin

Femmy zei

prachtige bookmark Willy!!

LivArtNow zei

Wow, I love this bookmark!! Brilliant stamping!!!


joy zei

Oh, this is so nice, Willy! Great job!

froebelsternchen zei

this is so stunning! Great piece of art!

Char zei

Such a lovely bookmark. Fabulous composition.

Anoniem zei

wonderful bookmark!

Ellie Knol zei

Prachtig Willy, ik moet dit ook eens proberen!