woensdag 19 mei 2010

The Three Muses: Relationships

Deze kaart is mijn bijdrage voor The Three Muses uitdaging met thema 'Relationships'.
This card is my entry for The Three Muses challenge with theme 'Relationships'.
Stamps: Art Journey (Friends 2, Pages, Sewing and Summer Girl).

22 opmerkingen:

froebelsternchen zei

This is so fantastic! Each time I visit your blog you inspire me ... with your colors... with your style... I love your art Willy!
Really great style and perfect technique in completion!

xxx Susi

Silvia(Barnie) zei

Willy, that's wonderful, love the image and the background.

Judy zei

Love the image stamp, Willy, this is such a delightful card, perfect words, too!

Femmy zei

schitterend Willy!!!

johanna zei

great "manly" card!

Daphne zei

Er zit ook echt een mooie diepte in je kaart! Super!

http://truutske.blogspot.com zei

Mooie achtergrond en prachtige stempel, Willy.

Sandy zei

Oh wow this is fantastic.
Really beautiful card.

Ellen zei

schitterend, alsof de stempel speciaal voor dit thema gemaakt is. mooie achtergrond weer

Yvonne zei

Kool piece, Willy!

Girlsinthecraft zei

What a great project. All the elements came together beautifully!

Gaby Bee zei

Beautiful card, Willy. The image stamp is gorgeous! Gaby xo

Taluula zei

Oooooh Willy, this says so much about relationships and friends. It's beautiful.

Faye zei

Fantastic card and such a beautiful background. Love the complementary colors.

indybev zei

I love that you have chosen to feature guy friendships. This is so well done, and says much. It is a perfect addition to our wonderfully varied expressions of relationships this week!

vintage wil zei

Prachtig kaartje Willy!!!

mary.kg zei

Bonsoir Willy!
image sympathique des trois copains !
j'aime beaucoup votre collage ! Bonne fin de soirée et merci pour votre message sur mon blog ! amicalement Mary.KG

Jester zei

This is lovely, Willy. I love the soft colouring and composition.
(P.S. Your piece in Craft Stamper was great!)

Bumbershoot Designs and Supplies zei

What a gorgeous piece! Great stamps and a beautifully worked background! ~Sharon

Amy zei

that stamp is really awesome..I love it so much!!!!

Elegia zei

Friendships are very important relationships. I really like your card and how you underline men's friendships. Lovely piece of art, Willy!

Diane zei

What a great design Willy! It's nice to see something so effective using "guys"! Very cool!